Quality Assurance

  • Act as regulators to provide safety of life, property & the environment. 
  • Plan & platform the SHEQS functions. 
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, of Flag, Class & Port State. 
  • Maintain commercial tradability by obtaining / maintaining Oil Major approvals. 
  • Promoting a safe & responsible working culture onboard through training, monitoring & reviews 
  • Reduce the number of accidents, incidents by monitoring compliance, and providing feedback 
  • Continuous improvement of our SMS through experience Feedback & adopting best industry practices 
  • Work with owners to go beyond compliance & exceed industry standards 
  • * SHEQS stands for: Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Security

Audits and On Board Training

  • Ensure the vessel meets regulatory requirements
  • Focus on timely, identification of problems
  • Pre vetting inspections including identification and rectifications
  • Provide training where it matters most –"On Board The Vessel"
  • Focus on the personnel, systems and equipment available to respond to external inspections and emergencies
  • Company Internal Audits for ISO 9001:2008 and TMSA standards