Marine Consultancy Services

  • Change of Flag / Class / Name 
  • Survey and inspection for sale and purchase 
  • Post-fixture management 
  • Planning & execution of Dry Docking & Special repairs 
  • Set-up, Implement & Administer Planned Maintenance System 
  • Set-up IT Infrastructure for Vessel & Office administration 
  • Special Repairs / Conversions

Port Captaincy and Ship Cargo

  • Expedite cargo activities with safety as top priority
  • Assist Masters in hold / tank preparations, cargo stowage plans
  • Provide supercargo services to protect and expedite vessels cargo load/discharge readiness
  • Screening of vessels for suitability of voyage – Charterers inspection
  • On/off hire, Draft, Bunker Surveys
  • Undertake Pre Purchase Inspections & reporting Suitability of ships

Post Fixture Operations

  • Offer complete commercial management services in all sectors for a diverse clientele
  • Complete voyage & CP documentation monitoring / follow up
  • Performance monitoring of vessels at sea and in port
  • Bunker stem, supply consumption monitoring
  • Liaison activities with charterer / brokers / port agents
  • Dealing in activities like lay time calculations / claims demurrage invoicing
  • Deal with owners and operators on daily basis on CP matters